Important Information About Mrs. Rette's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Rette's 6th Grade General or Enriched Math 

Welcome Back to Remote Instruction (September 8th - October 9th, 2020)

I hope you had a relaxing summer and did some fun family activities.  

Before school begins, please use the Google Classroom Code listed below to join your class:  

Period 1/3 Google Class Code:      ee7rppz

Period 4/6 Google Class Code:      vg5kg6w

Period 7/9 Google Class Code:      b36x76a

On Tuesday, September 8th - (1/2 day) 

Log into your Google Account, then Google Classroom.  You will find a Live Stream Link and a copy of the class times on the Stream tab. Use the same link for each math period on Tuesday.  (Each Live Stream will begin within a minute of the class start time, please wait patiently.)

In order to be successful this year, you should attend every Live Stream Lesson.  You should also check your email, PowerSchool and the Google Classroom Stream daily for important messages. 


I look forward to meeting you on September 8th.  


HOPE:  Hamilton Opens Pathways to Excellence