Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new school year! 

Things will be different, but we will remember to always do our best and get better every day. 

This year we will start remotely, and we will be using GoogleMeet/Livestream for each Phys Ed class. I will post the links to join in Google Classroom for grades 3-5 & Seesaw for grades K-2.

Below are the codes to join my Phys Ed Google Classrooms for grades 3-5. I will be using Google Classroom & Seesaw for communitcating reminders and important links. Please use the code for your corresponding homeroom. (Seesaw students have been automatically added to their classes)

3rd grade Farina Phys Ed Class Code: s4kxfbf

4th grade Flanagan Phys Ed Class Code: y6ycrz7

5th grade Butchon Phys Ed Class Code: oh7gm64


You got this!!!