About Wilson Elementary School

  • George E. Wilson Elementary School is a culturally diverse K – 5th grade Title I school where teachers, staff, students and the community embrace differences. Our mission statement indicates “G.E. Wilson is committed to fostering success for all by promoting strong academic and social values. We believe in teaching children how to acquire the lifelong skills they will need to meet their fullest potential. Adults and children will create a partnership that will encourage academic achievement and character growth within a safe, nurturing environment. We take pride in our school culture, which promotes diversity.” In striving to make this idea a reality for our students, we continue to implement effective educational practices and instructional programs that promote achievement and quality education for all. 

    Students receive instruction in Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science every day. Our teachers and staff utilize a variety of materials, strategies, and methodologies to assist our students. Some current practices include: integrated Language Arts instruction, cooperative learning techniques, computer-assisted instruction, small group remediation, enrichment lessons, writing across the curriculum, and NJSLA tutoring. We take pride in our Arts integration into the NJ Student Learning Standards, especially through grant opportunities and our partnership with Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

    Our elementary program also includes Art, Health and Physical Education, Library, Vocal and Instrumental Music, and American Sign Language for grades K-5th. Our elementary Guidance Program provides students, teachers, and parents with resources that promote social and emotional development. Our extended childcare program enables working parents to have adequate before and after-school supervision for their children through the CYO Organization.

    Opportunities for families to have fun learning together with their children, and learning how to help them at home in the areas of math, reading, writing, and science, are offered through our many schools and Title I family events and programs, and through Family STEM courses. We also strengthen our family ties with many extra-curricular fun events. 

    With the help of a very supportive PTA, George E. Wilson Elementary School is privileged to enjoy trips, assemblies, and evening and weekend activities. Our PTA provides additional funding that supports the various needs of our school and our students. We welcome and are grateful for increased family participation at George E. Wilson Elementary School! It takes all of us, working together as a team!

    With our dedicated staff and supportive school community, we are positively committed to delivering a “Quality Education for Every Child” that focuses on college and career preparedness for all students!