• The goal of Sayen Elementary School is to create an educational environment that allows and encourages each student to grow and to achieve his or her highest potential. Sayen is a school in service to strengthen the future. We are proud of our character education program which has won state recognition as well as taught our students to be respectful, caring citizens.

    Students will grow in the following areas: intellectual, social, aesthetic/artistic, values, health and physical, and safety awareness. Student growth will be achieved by a well-educated and dedicated faculty; modern, clean and well equipped facilities; carefully selected books and learning aids; and loyal committed and well-trained support personnel.

    Sayen’s curriculum will have a major emphasis on: communication skills, including reading, language arts, writing, library, and speaking; mathematics, science and computer technology skills to prepare students for life in the twenty first century; social studies; the arts; and health, safety, and physical education. 

    Our program at Sayen School will be supported by a strong, dedicated and active parent teacher association; an active school/community communications program; and volunteers to include parents, ROBINs and citizens.