About Morgan Elementary School

  • The Morgan School staff is committed to providing a quality educational program which addresses the academic, emotional, physical, and social growth of all of our students in a positive learning environment. We are determined to strengthen our students’ self-confidence and sensitivity to the diversity of our school community. The parents and staff work in cooperation to coordinate and provide enrichment and cultural experiences in the humanities, the arts, and the sciences. Student accomplishments are recognized on an ongoing basis and forums for the students to demonstrate their talents are provided. The staff stays abreast of current trends in education by participating in the district’s staff development programs on various topics and building-level professional learning communities and book studies.

    Our program of instruction includes an integrated approach to Language Arts Literacy which includes whole group instruction, small guided reading groups and literacy centers. Writers Workshop programs are presented at all grade levels. Our Mathematics program is standards based and provides 80 minutes daily of mathematical concept development and practice, math centers, and guided math. Science and Social Studies are taught through projects, hands-on activities, and experiments. 

    In addition to daily classroom instruction, Morgan School provides a number of special area resource programs in which eligible students may participate. All grade levels have the advantage of specialists in art, vocal music, library instruction, and physical education. Students are also taught American Sign Language. In addition, students may be eligible to become involved in such programs as Basic Skills Instruction, Speech Therapy, ESL, Advanced Learning Program for Students (ALPS), Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Instrumental Music based on their grade levels, varying talents, individual needs and abilities.

    Our entire school community continues to responsibly practice good manners, kindness, respect, and sensitivity to others. We continue to teach Conflict Resolution Skills and Win – Win Guidelines to instill the skills for Peacemaking that focus on accepting self and others, communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, and understanding intercultural differences. All staff have been trained to implement the “Second Step” Program in Grades K - 3 and the “Steps to Respect” Program in Grades 4 and 5. Students receive consistent exposure to lessons focusing on anger management and personal self-control. Additionally, the staff and students continue to explore Character Education. The pillars of Character Education are infused into daily lessons throughout the school year and children are taught to embrace diversity. All staff and students willingly participate in our Morgan Magic Positive Behavior Plan which recognizes and rewards individual and class appropriate behavior. 

    The Morgan EarlyAct Club, a 5th grade student organization sponsored by the Robbinsville Rotary Club, promotes annual service-oriented projects at the school, the local, and the global community levels to ensure that our goal of committed citizenship is achieved. Some of their projects have included raising money for Smile Train, Street Kids from Brazil, Seacology (Coral Reefs), Ronald McDonald House, Japan Tsunami Relief Fund, and Ryan’s Quest, as well as, collecting clothing for Mercer Street Friends and sending needed items to the troops.

    Achieving the goals of our educational programs would not be possible without the active involvement of parents and guardians. A strong, dedicated, and active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) enables us to achieve many of our school’s goals and enhances our programs. Morgan parents and guardians continue to be an integral part of our academic program. Our parents, guardians, and staff work together to provide enrichment and cultural experiences for our students. Our Morgan School parents volunteer their services on an ongoing basis. The Annual Field Day, Fine Arts Day, Holiday Concert, Instrumental Concerts, Book Fair, Family Math, and Family Science Programs are events that attract a great deal of active parent, student, and staff participation. Our monthly calendar, Morgan Moments, is a cooperative effort to keep the Morgan community well informed of our students’ accomplishments and school programs and events. With parental support we will continue to raise the bar at Morgan School and rise to the challenge of developing and implementing a quality educational program designed to equip our students for successful and productive lives.