Miss Houston

  • All assignments for remote learning will be on this page. Please click on the link for your grade level remore learning assignment and complete the assignment.When you/your child are finished with your artwork please  send a picture of the completed artwork through the google form on the Art Check In tab for Kindergarten and Autism Classes. For first through fifth grade please turn in assignments on the Google Classroom created for your class. Students will be required to turn in a picture of their artwork to recieve credit for thei artwork from now on. It is okay if you do not complete your assignment on the day you/ your child is schduled for art as long as a picture is turned inGrade levels are listed as Kindergarten/1st, 2nd/3rd, and 4th/5th. If you have any questions about the lessons please feel free to email me at khouston@hamilton.k12.nj.us. Starting on Monday March 23, 2020 please go to the Check In tab each week and fill out the Google Form for participation as you complete each part of the lesson.

    If you need the Google Classroom code that are:

    1st Pugh: kcllmns

    1st Sabo: sernoqb

    2nd Toto: qne6ink 

    2nd Zalescik: 464jpuf

    3rd Johnson: kmnexxn

    3rd Kadubec: v2hqvot

    4th Mancini: kegznwa

    4th Panas: tapeada

    4th Rooney: ytc3rxs

    5th Bates: 35f4dbu

    5th Pouria: uibzvl6

    Also as you finish lessons or extra drawing you may take a picture and send them to my email at Khouston@hamilton.k12.nj.us and I'll be starting an online gallery here on my page so you can see what your classmates are doing. This is optional though!

Art Lesson for Week 11

  • Dear Sunnybrae Students and Families,

    Since we are coming to the end of the year this week will be a catch up week on any assignments you may have missed and not turned in from the past 10 weeks of remote learning. If you have completed everything so far I want you to go do something artistic! Go outside and draw something with chalk, recreate a scene from a movie using LEGOs or toys, try an art hub for kids video, color in one of those intense coloring pages, or origami. Try something new and send me a picture of what you did! Don't forget to have fun! Remember to attach a picture of you do something artistic to the Google Form for Kindergarten and students of self contained classes or the Goole Classroom for grade 1-5. If you have any questions please contact me at Khouston@hamilton.k12.nj.us. Have a great week everyone!

    Miss Houston

Art Lesson for Week 9 and Week 10

Art Lesson for Week 7 and Week 8

Art Lessons for Week 5 and Week 6

Art Lessons for Week 3 and Week 4

Art Lessons for Week 1 and Week 2

If you finish and want to complete Extra Art Activities tab for extra art practice.