• Welcome to Ms. Jolley's 6th Grade Science Class! 

    The events of the last six months have resulted in many changes to the world around us.  Science can help explain why some of these changes have occured.  It can also help us find a way to either adapt to the changes or to fix the problems caused by the changes.  This year, my students will explore some big ideas in the fields of physics, astronomy, and cell biology while also asking themselves how these ideas connect to real world problems. 


    For more helpful information about 6th grade science, be sure to visit the other tabs on my website.  Happy exploring! 


    Semester 2 begins on Wednesday, February 3rd!  If you have not yet joined my Google Classroom, the codes to each class are listed below.  Please be sure to join the correct class!  See you soon! 


    Block 2/3: np6nzpr 

    Block 5/6: bpios3o

    Block 8/9: s6hnjdy