• Welcome to Mrs. Parnes's remote learning for speech and language therapy.


     Please visit my Remote Learning Speech Therapy Page and Speech, Langauge and Pragmatic Links page to access the materials. Items in the Remote Learning Speech Therapy page will be split into google folders named Speech Only Activites, Language Activies, and Pragmatic Language Activites. Materials will be added weekly, so please check the pages for updates.

     -Articulation Students- practice should be practiced every day for about 5 minutes. If possible, please have another person listen to your speech, or record yourself on your device and rate yourself out of 10 productions.

    -Fluency Students-Please choose a paragraph or two a day and use your specific fluency strategy (easy onset, correct breathing techniques, etc) to read fluently for a parent. Materials for reading and practice will also be added to google folder and links page..

    -Langauge Students-Materials will be added to the google page as well as the links page weekly. Many of you are working on multiple skills and is is beneficial to work on many of the skills in the langauge sections. Skills addressed are main idea and details, inference and prediction skills, vocabulary in context, grammar and listening skills. Videos will also be posted where many of these skills can be addressed together. These will be posted in the links section. You should ideally spend 20 minute sessions working on your language skills. 

    Social skills/Pragmatic langauge Students-Google folder and links page contain packets and will also bring you to my personal link where you can set up your own username and password under my Password on the website Everyday Speech. I  included specific instructions in the Pragmatic Language-Google Folder. Please to do not hesitate to email me with questions if you cannot get onto the site, or need assistance with the materials.

     I will be available each day via email for questions and suggestions as needed!  If you would like additional work, please do not hesitate to contact me: eparnes@hamilton.k12.nj.us.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.


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