• Mrs. Sarah Jehle
    Guidance Counselor
    p: (609) 631 - 4155 ext 3855


    About Me

    Hi! My name is Sarah Jehle. This is my sixth year as the Guidance Counselor at Kuser Elementary. I am so excited to see what this wonderful year has to hold. I look forward to working with parents, staff, and students this year. Please do not hestitate to contact me if there is anything I can help you with. 



    Does the counselor provide individual counseling?

    Individual counseling is a portion of the comprehensive school counseling program. Students have the option to visit the school counselor in a confidential setting with the permission of the teacher or with a note from the counselor. Individual counseling is generally short-term and goal-oriented. Students are encouraged to discuss fears, stress, anxiety, family troubles, safety, academic concerns, social conflicts, and a wide variety of other subjects. If a student needs ongoing therapy, the school counselor will facilitate a referral to an outside mental health professional.

    How can a counselor help your child?


    1. Homework tips    
    2. Test taking strategies
    3. Organizational and study skills
    4. Managing transitions


    1. Identifying interests and aptitudes
    2. Goal setting


    1. Strengthening peer relationships
    2. Developing interpersonal skills
    3. Acquiring self knowledge
    4. Resolving conflicts
    5. Bullying
    6. Social media/internet safety
    7. Stress management
    8. Positive mental health
    9. Healthy decision making

    How might my child see you?

    Referrals to the school counselors can come from a variety sources, including

    1. Teacher/Staff
    2. Principal
    3. School nurse
    4. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) - feel free to call me or email me
    5. Intervention & Referral Services Committee (I&RS)
    6. Child Study Team

    What is kept confidential when the counselor meets with a child?

    Part of being a professional school counselor is adhering to the American School Counseling Association’s Ethical Standards. My primary obligation is to the student, who is to be treated with respect. I also respect the role of parents and guardians. I will keep information confidential unless disclosure is required to prevent clear and present danger to the student or others, or when legal requirements demand that I reveal information.

    Are there any limitations to the services a school counselor can provide?

    Although school counseling helps many children, there are sometimes emotional issues or significant crises that may require intensive individual or family counseling. School counselors can provide a list of community mental health resources to assist you in choose an outside mental health professional.

    What some other things the counselor does?

    Mrs. Jehle is also Kuser Elementary's Anti-Bullying Specialist, Affirmative Action Officer, Interevention & Referral Services (I&RS) Coordinator, a member of the School Safety and Climate Team, the coordinator for the Student Support Team and the Case Manager for many of our students with Section 504 Plans.