• CONTACT: csobczak@hamilton.k12.nj.us


    The class schedule can be viewed at bit.ly/SobczakClassSchedule (the link to the distance learning schedule can be found at that same URL or by clicking here.).


    Students should be checking and submitting work in Google Classroom daily, Monday through Friday, during the distance learning weeks. Student without access to the Internet or a device have been provided with a packet of readings, the corresponding questions, and the two-week schedule, so they can complete the same assignments their classmates are doing. Those students should have all work completed and ready to submit the day we return to the regular classroom. Students and parents should e-mail me with any questions. During the weeks of distance learning, I will be checking and replying to e-mails each day between 12pm and 4pm.


    All class announcements, reading materials, handouts, resources, and assignment dropboxes can be found in the Google Classroom for each class period.

    All students should have joined their class period's Google Classroom the first week of school. Any parents/guardians who would like to be added to their child's Google Classroom should send an e-mail (including their child's name) to me.