Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Mostrangeli

Hello Seniors Class of 2023





  • Appropriate athletic-type clothing that is safe for the activity being conducted must be worn for physical education class. (NO jeans, khakis) 
  • Rings, jewelry, and accessories deemed dangerous by the physical education teacher are prohibited.
  • Pupils must wear athletic sneakers  or rubber-soled athletic shoes that have laces or velcro. Slip on shoes, hard-soled shoes, and bare feet are prohibited in gym class.( NO crocs, uggs, sanuks, slide on sneakers)
  • Backpacks and belongings are to be put in the locker room. 
  • Bullying and harassment are not tolerated, no exceptions. Treat people with respect. 
  • Be responsible for your actions
  • Self-Discipline.  Obscene and rude language or behavior will not be tolerated.  


You will start with 100% in each category. Lose points based on expectations. 

  • Summative Evaluations: Participation 
  • This will count for 50% of your final grade.
  • Expectations:
    • -7 points depending on participation of the unit. As well as continuous lack of preparation.
  • Formative Evaluations: Preparations
  • This will count for 40% of your final grade.
  • Expectations:
    • -7 points depending on lack of preparation.
  • Individual Practice: Rules, Behavior, & Safety 
  • This will count for 10% of your final grade.
  • Expectations
    • -2 points for not following directions teacher assigns per units