Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Michele Falcone

Welcome to Steinert High School and the wonderful world of Algebra!  I am so excited that this school year marks my 25th  year of teaching!  This year will start quite differently than any other, but we will soon be back to an in-person learning experience.  Until then, we will be conduct class via a virtual mode.  All work will be assigned andsubmitted using our Google Classroom.  A link to join will be emailed to all Students on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020. 

Time really does fly when you're having fun; and we have many fun activities planned in Algebra this school year.  You will be responsible to attend all live Meets for the full duration of the lesson.  Active Participation is a must in order to become proficient in your Algebra Skill sets. Homework will be assigned with the expectation that every problem will be attempted.  You are encouraged to ask questions to seek clarification,  and to clear up any misconceptions during our Meets.    

The primary purpose of the Algebra 1 course is to help students acquire knowledge of fundamental algebraic skills while solving authentic problems that apply to our everyday lives.  Students will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they complete various tasks through interesting, enjoyable and meaningful activities.  

The Algebra 2 course is designed as an extension of Algebra 1--students explore in depth concepts introduced at the elementary level. and apply these concepts to real world situations in order to solve problems and evaluate phenomena as they occur. 

All students are expected to think individually and work independently. Equally important to their success is the ability to work cooperatively in small group settings,  where they must remain focused on the topic, respectfully share thoughts and ideas with the group, and be willing to discuss and make good decisions together. 

I am looking forward to working with each student and helping them all grow mathematically.    Please see me immediately if you are struggling in class.  I am available for extra help and we can schedule a time that is most convenient for both of us.  Don't wait to ask for support and assistance... your success will depend on it!