Class Guidelines

  • General Guidelines:

    -Our classroom is structured through three guidelines: be respectful, be responsible, and be ready to learn. Always be respectful by answering appropriately in class, being on time, and treating others with respect. Be responsible by handing in assignments on time and staying on top of your schoolwork. Be ready to learn by always being prepared and having an open mind about what we cover in class.


    -In addition to the guidelines listed here, you will be responsible for following all rules and guidelines in place at Hamilton West. Those rules include but are not limited to: the prohibition of headphones, cell phone usage, wearing hats, dress code, etc...


    Cell Phones/Headphones/Earbuds:


    -Are not permitted in class during instruction or during work time

    -Students may or may not receive a warning to put their phone away

    -Failure to abide by these rules will result in referral for administrative consequences




    -As per West’s policies, no passes will be given during the first or last 10 minutes of class. No passes will be given during 9th period. Please use your lunch period or time before/after school to take care of anything which needs  attending.


    Starting Class:


    -When you enter the classroom, prepare for the period by looking at the “Bell Ringer” on the board. The Bell Ringer lets you know what to do and when to start doing it (when the bell rings).




    -ALWAYS have the following materials with you at the start of class—you will not be allowed to go to your locker once the bell has rung:

    -Notebook (or binder)


    -Pen and pencil

    -GMAIL Account login information

    -Interactive Readers (workbooks)

    -Everyone receives an IR at the beginning of the year

    -Lost IRs are not given or available for purchase through the school, replacements must be  purchased online

    - IR pages may be printed by students/parents through the textbook website until a replacement arrives, it is the student’s responsibility to do this and come to class with the appropriate pages



    -All assignments are due on their due dates at the beginning of class. Work is collected promptly. Any assignments not turned in when they are collected are considered LATE.


    Late Work:


    -If you fail to turn in a homework assignment on its due date, it is a ZERO.


    Absences / Make-up Work:


    - Absences occur from time to time. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to:

    -come to me to get any notes or assignments you may have missed the first day you return.

    -come to me to take any missed assessments on the day you return

    -come to me to turn-in any assignments that were due the day you were absent

    -any assignments not turned-in the day you return are a ZERO

    -any assessments not made-up the day you returned will become a ZERO




    Here is West’s Attendance Policy:


    -If you arrive to class after the bell rings, it counts as a tardy.


    -If you are 10 or more minutes late to class, it is a cut. If you acquire 4 cuts in the year, you will lose credit for the class and must repeat the class the following year.


    -You are allowed up to 19 unexcused absences in a year. If you have over 19 unexcused absences, you will lose credit for the class and must repeat the class the following year.




    -If you ever have questions about class or an assignment please feel free to email me at In your email, please include your name and reason for your email in the subject line.




    -Check my teacher website frequently for updates, assignments, and resources. If you are absent from class and an assignment is posted on my website, you are still responsible for it. Here is the web address of my website:


    Additional Help:


    -I am available after school by appointment whenever you need extra help. Students are expected to be participating in class and completing their assignments in order to request help.

    Extra Credit:


    -No. There are no extra credit assignments or make-ups for partial credit. Complete your assignments on-time and to the best of your ability.


    Bonus Points:


    -Occasionally, bonus points are given to students who display exemplary behavior either academically or through the six pillars of character education.

    -These points may be used at the teacher’s discretion in other areas of the class.

    -Students will be made aware of when they earn a point.

    -Points may also be lost through the breaking of classroom rules or protocol.


    Classroom Rules:


    1. Be respectful in the way you speak and act to yourself and others. This includes choice of language and attitude.

    2. Take responsibility for your own education. This means you need to show up to class on time and prepared with everything you will need for the day.

    3. Raise your hand if you wish to speak or ask a question. Calling out is inappropriate and disruptive to the learning process.

    4. Do not touch other people or their belongings.

    5. Stay on task. This means working cooperatively in a group as well as completing work independently.

    6. With the exception of a resealable water bottle, there is NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED

    7. Stay in your seat at all times. If you need to get up for any reason, raise your hand and ask permission. Students are not to line up at the door.

    8. Try your absolute best.