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BS in Health and Physical Education

Mrs. Mortland




 "Happy NEW YEAR " 



If you would like to meet with me to discuss anything at any time, please let me know and we can schedule a time to meet using my office hours link below. 

Office Hours with Mrs. Mortland

12:10-12:30 Upon request.




20/21 Google Classroom Codes      2/2/21  Semester 2             MEET LINKS

Period 1: 8th Grade Phys. Ed: 2gt4hat                                              1st Period PE

Period 2: 6th Grade Health: j6iht4f                                                     2nd Period Health

Period 3: 7th Grade Health: 5ulcgb7                                                  3rd Period Health

Period 7: 7th Grade Phys. Ed: x2fi23h                                               7th Period PE

Period 8: 6th Grade Health: yjp4odx                                                 8th Period Health

Period 9: 8th Grade Phys. Ed: 3ao5nvd                                              9th Period PE


HOPE: Hamilton Opens Pathways to Excellence


For more information regarding curriculum and classroom procedures , visit my classroom links below.


Virtual Health Class

Virtual Physical Education Class






Physical Education Additional Options 

Morning Workout-No Equipment


Billy Blanks -Kickboxing


Beginner Pilates


Dance Cardio


High Intensity -Calorie Burning


Captain America Workout - 5 minutes


Tony Stark Workout


For Baseball Players


Ab Workout


20 Minute videos only need to be done 1 time. 


20 Minute Full body toning and ab workout


20 Minute fat burning cardio


20 Minute HIIT workout : no impact


20 Minute Flexibility Workout








  • ATTENTION Parents and Guardians

    Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects and homework

    6th Grade Health Topics

    Health and Wellness/Sleep      Nutrition         Life Cycle/Puberty          Tobacco          Safety          LEAD Program     

    7th Grade Health Topics

    Body Systems       Human Development       Alcohol/Drugs       Mental Health        Healthy Relationships       Character Ed./Decision Making     


    District grading policy:



    Individual Practice=10%


    7th/8th Grade Physical Education (under normal circumstances)

    Softball       Flag Football       Soccer       Track       Ultimate Frisbee       Cross Country       Volleyball       Fitness       Basketball       Dance       Circuit Training       Game Unit

    PE during covid restrictions

    Without the use of equipment, PE class is quite limited. We will be utilizing the PE packet that the students have been given. That will allow us to use the resistance band for various exercises. We will also be able to learn some basics in the area of juggling. Students will be required to be active for at least 20 a class period and record their workout in the weekly activity log. This will be collected on Fridays and will make up most of their grade. Attendance during daily meets will also be reflected in their grade.