• Mrs. McKeever

    Welcome Back to Remote Instruction Sept. 8 - Oct. 9th, 2020

    This year I will be teaching Multisensory Reading as well as 7th Grade In-class Support with Mrs. Cindy Carella.

    I'm excited to start this new school year! It will look a little different than other school years but we will work hard and be successful. I look forward to seeing my students soon virtually and eventually in person!

    Important! Sign on to our Google Classroom with the codes below:

    Period 1 - 6iatpr3

    Period 3 - 7sbtn4k

    Period 5-6 - ua2ycpc

    Period 7 - mz2yk4a

    Period 9 - 2ypifzy

    2020-2021 District Theme - HOPE: Hamilton Opens Pathways to Excellence