Degrees and Certifications:

Secondary Educations and Mathematics

Mrs. K. Lyon

 Mrs. Lyon 8th Grade Mathematics


 BLOCK 2/3  8th Grade Honors ALGEBRA 1

 BLOCK 4/5 8th Grade Honors ALGEBRA 1

BLOCK 7/8 8th Grade Honors GEOMETRY



 PARENTS: Please check Powerschool for completion of assignments and upcoming assessments.

Algbera Units: #1 Modeling with Linear Equations and Inequalities, #2 Modeling with Linear Functions, Linear Systems, and Exponential Functions, #3 Modeling with Quadratic Equations, Functions, and Polynomials, and #4 Modeling with Statistics

 Geometry Units: #1 Congruence and Constructions, #2 Congreunce, Similarity, and Proofs, #3 Trig Ratios and Geometeric Equations, and #4 Geometry with Modeling

 "EDUCATION is NOT the LEARNING of FACTS, but rather the TRAINING of the MIND to THINK." - A. Einstein   

Work Hard. Be Kind.

Please be patient.

Mistakes will happen by you and me, and technology may not always work perfectly. It is okay.

We will get through this year together, all I ask is that you try.

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