Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Teacher Education - Stockton University M.A. Special Education - Rowan University NJ Standard of Certification in Teacher of Students with Disabilities, K-12. NJ Standard of Certification in Social Studies, K-12

Mr. Lindsey

Welcome Back Students to our new, 2020-2021 school year!  Most of you in 7th and 8th grade are familar with my class procedures and expectations.  To the new 6th grade class, please don't be nervous!  This is a brand new experience for me since I have NEVER started a new school year in a remote/hybrid learning modality.  There will be some noticeable changes for this year and the delivery of instruction will be slightly different.  But don't worry... WE GOT THIS!  I am 100% confident that we will learn and adjust to our new environment just fine.

All that we need is PATIENCE, FLEXIBILITY, and our THINKING CAPS, and we will be great... NO WORRIES!  Below, I listed my class codes for our Google Classroom platform based upon your grade-level.  Google Classroom continue to be our primary homebase for assignments, comments, discussions, and questions. 
7th Grade periods 1/2 .................  cexwwm6
6th Grade periods 4/6..................  2a5eibp
8th Grade periods 7/8..................  6bwmfuj