• Welcome to 7th Grade ELA Remote Learning

     Mrs. Karas


    Welcome Back to Remote Instruction: September 8th-October 9th, 2020

    Greetings, my incredibly talented new students! As we embark on this never-before-experienced journey, please know I am here to support and help you be an absolute success. As your slightly technology-challenged teacher, we will navigate this journey with support and encouragement as we "grow"our family into ELA scholars! Let's GO!!

    ELA Block Google Classroom Codes:

    Pds. 1/2:    2rsens5

    Pds. 5/6:    332dr54

    Pds.8/9:    ygowbgr


    Please complete your SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT (especially the graphic organizer) which will be used during the second week of school to complete a graded writing assignment. Please know this assignment is MANDATORY.



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