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    Please contact me at any time at shoutras@htpsnj.org     

    Welcome back to hybrid instruction for Sept. 8th-Oct. 9th, 2020 

     8th gr.  Math PD 2/3 Block and 7th gr. Math 5/6 Block


       Remote instruction will occur for Block 7/9 Inclusion 6th GR. ELA from Sept. 8th-Oct 9th, 2020 


    red apple Information about Remote/Hybrid Learning 

    • Our schedule will allow staff to present live mini lessons at specific times during the class pd. for those who are at home.  They will be scheduled and links will be on Google Classroom daily.  Conference times will be provided  during class time  and will be scheduled.  We will continue to provide general instruction in various ways throughout the week while the students are in class on their schedule. Students are encouraged to attend the live streams because they will not be recorded.  Support videos from various sources on concepts learned, will be added to Google Classroom platform for our students to view at any time if they are unable to attend the live lesson. Teacher will be taking attendance for those who attend live stream while on their remote days.    
    • Students for math classes will need a  1- 1/2 inch binder, dividers, notebook or paper and a pencil case with red and blue pen for grading, 5 pencils, eraser, highlighter, box of tissues if you can, ear buds and calculator.  A folder will be sent home for hw and binder will remain in class. Also you must bring your chromebooks to school on the days you are present. 


     red apple Google Classroom Codes.  Please see all up to date instructions to classwork on Google Classroom.  Please join our class using your class code:  After joining a google meet, teacher will give you the join class code. 



    Teacher will be taking attendance for those who attend live stream/Google Meet while on their remote days.    


    red apple Attention Parents/Guardians/Students:

    Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal and check assignment pad daily to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects, and homework.  


    red apple   How your grade is calculated:

    =(Summative Grades) Includes Tests, Projects, Research Papers, Essays, may include district formed assessments.

    =(Formative Grade)Includes Quizzes, Notebook/Binder Checks, and Class Work

    =(Individual Practice) Includes Homework Grade/classwork, Participation grade 


     red apple  Schedule for 2020-21 school year.

    8th grade Math Pd. 2/3 block-Hybrid

    7th grade Math Pd. 5/6 block-Hybrid   

    Inclusion teacher with Mrs. Slominski Period 7/9-6th gr. ELA block.  Remote until Oct. 9. Please go to Mrs. Slominski's Website and Google Classroom for 6th grade ELA information.

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