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Mrs. Goodarz

¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español con la Señora Goodarz!

8th grade students - enroll in your classroom for the full year!

6th and 7th graders - follow directions below and only join a classroom if you are currently enrolled in my QUARTER 3 CLASS!!!!

Please note that as of Monday, December 7, 2020, ALL classes will begin with a Google Meet - No Live Stream!!!

Remote Learning present day through February 5.  Return to Hybrid Monday, February 8, 2021

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!  The start of this school year is one like we have never seen before. I do believe, however, that during this fluid time of ever changing circumstances and scenarios, the overall success of this school year will require each of us working closely together, listening to one another's concerns, communicating effectlvely, sharing empathy, and doing our part to contribute to a positive, healthy, and safe school experience.  ¡Gracias! Please click here to read more about this course!

Students (and families), I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Spanish, so below please find the class in which you are enrolled according to your Reynolds schedule. **** 6th and 7th graders, PLEASE be very CAREFUL when reading your schedule.  THIS IS A CYCLE COURSE, so make CERTAIN, you are locating the correct MARKING PERIOD!!!  If you ARE NOT in my QUARTER 3 CLASS, DO NOT enroll in the classroom!!!  If you ARE in my QUARTER 3 class, make sure you locate your correct class period, and then use the code found below to JOIN your Google Classroom.  In order to join, simply click the + button and type in your class code.  And then ¨ta-dah", you're done!  

It is very important that you join your CORRECT classroom, because Google Classroom is where you will find links to live lessons, announcements, notes and assignments.


Spanish I - period 1 (full year course)               eqq4u6x

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7th grade/period 3   mhijb7d

7th grade/period 7   sulut6h

6th grade/period 8   xkjb6xn



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