check   MARKING PERIOD 3 GRADING: My grading policy will remain mostly unchanged.

    As has been the case all year, assignments are due BEFORE the start of class the following day.

    Assignments turned in on the due date but after the beginning of class will receive 85% credit.

    Assignments turned in one day to one week late will receive 75% credit.

    Assingments turned in more than one week late will receive 50% credit.

     Quizzes and tests will lose 5 points for each day they are late.


    check   On Tuesday (2/2) we will begin using the Kami extension on a regular basis for completing assignments and assessments. (Students MAY continue to work on paper, if they prefer.)

    For the rest of the year, students MUST submit their own work. If they do not have their own camera (or a scanner),then they must use Kami. ALSO: At this point in the year, all students should be submitting work in Google Classroom, not by email.

    Students are NOT required to purchase a stylus. However, having one will make their lives easier! (They are available, reasonably priced, on Amazon.)

    Students will NOT be permitted to TYPE their math. (WORDS/EXPLANATIONS may be typed, but MATH WORK may not!)


    check   REMEMBERStudents are NOT required to print out worksheets, notes, etc. I encourage them to do so because this will make their lives a little easier. However, it is your decision (as it would require A LOT of ink and paper). 

    If students do not print out the work, they are welcome to complete it on a separate sheet of paper.

    Students who are in school will receive a copy of all notes and assignments.