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Ms. Pasqualin Adonizio


Wecome to 7th grade Math!!!!!

I am very excited to begin our remote learning journey which will take place from September 8th through October 9th. 

We will learn many concepts this year beginning with integers and moving on to rational numbers, equations, ratio and proportions as well as many other topics.

Summer Math Assignments are due 9/14--just take a picture of the pages you completed and email the pictures to me.

Please take a moment to join the google classrooms I have created. 

The following are the classroom codes for each class:

Period 1/2  ku53pc6

Period 5/6 axc3e33

Period 8/9  3ymlm5a

Period 7 (Grice)--fs5a57r

It is very important that you join the google classroom.  Google classroom is the place where you will find links to live lessons, announcements from me, and the notes, assignments and resources you will need to be successful during our remote learning period.

If you have any questions please email me at  I will be happy to answer your questions and concerns.


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