Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree: English & Secondary Education Certification: English Language Arts (6-12) with advanced standing

Miss Zippo

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR!

Welcome to 8th grade English Language Arts! This year will be VERY different from any other year due to COVID-19. Although we will be on a hybrid schedule, I know we will still get many opportunities to learn, share, connect, and create meaningful relationships. I am greatly looking forward to working with you this year and cannot wait to get started! This year, we will be combing reading comprehension with grammar and writing skills. There will be several short stories, playwrights, poems, and novels. We will also read several nonfiction texts that supplement our regular readings. Our goal for the year is to use our newly developed writing skills to interpret and analyze literature. The year will be broken down into 6 “units.”


What is remote learning? This occurs when the learner and instructor, or source of information, are separated by time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting. Learning will be done at home through online instruction. 

Why implement remote learning? Remote learning is implemented so that education can continue without having to add on days at the end of the year AND/OR take away vacation days. This DOES count toward the 180 days that the state requires all students to be in school. 

As a student, what are my responsibilities?

-log onto Google Classroom every single weekday (Monday-Friday)

-read all important announcements on Classroom

-complete any assignments on Google Classroom (clear/specific directions will be posted along with worksheets created through Google Documents)

-I will be available for questions/support through email, on Google Meet, on Google Classroom, and/or through the Remind app 

-Reminds will be sent out each day as well (please join the app if you have not already - this is another form of communication - PARENTS CAN JOIN, too) 


As a parent, what are my responsibilities?

-MOTIVATE TOWARD SUCCESS: encourage and support your child to complete their responsibilities each and every weekday 

-DEVICE USAGE: allow your child to use an at-home device for support for a portion of the day (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.)

-STAY INVOLVED: talk with your child (ask how they are doing, if they need support, if they are on track or behind, etc.)

-CREATE A COMFORTABLE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: provide the necessary equipment, create a distraction-free zone, etc.