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Mrs. Infante

Hamilton Twp School District is moving to Remote Learning beginning 3/16/20. All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Assignments should be submitted daily, prior to 11:59 pm, on the day they are provided, unless otherwise stated.  These assignments will be graded and you can view your grades on powerschool. Email me at with any questions.  


4th Marking Period Health Google Classroom Code


Please check google classroom daily!!


PE Google Classroom Codes

Period 1 n64fzdm

Period 2 onvjskl

Period 7 yomas5y

Period 8 7fwvdn6



Welcome to Health and Phys.Ed!

This year in 7th grade health you will be learning about Alcohol Addiction and Drugs, Suicide, Body Systems, Yes You Can(decison making), and the Reproductive Systems!  Let the fun begin!!

All students need to have a Health folder for class.

Students will be given class time to complete all assignments. Any student who does not complete work in the aloted time, will have to finish the assignment for homework.

 In Phys. Ed. you will be participating in many fun activities!  During the first & fourth marking period, you will be in our elective program.  You will have the opportunity to choose various activities from either Team Sports, Individual Sports or Fitness Activities!  Students will be outside during these marking periods, so make sure you are dressed for the weather! Shorts/t-shirts for the warm weather and Sweat pants/Hoodies for when it's cold! 

The second and third marking period you will be inside participating in Basketball, Volleyball, Fitness, Tug of War, Dance and other fun games!!