Reading and math groups happen at the assigned times on the student's schedule. This was sent home in their white binder on blue paper and is also posted in Google Classroom under Dailies titled First Schedule.

    Links for our live stream lessons for Writing (11), Number of the Day (11:50) and S.S/Science (2:15) are posted in the Daily Agenda under Dailies and under each subject titled LESSON LINKS. Either way will lead to the live stream lessons. When you click on the link, it may say "Waiting for Streaming to begin. Please Stand By". You keep the window open and wait until the stream starts where you can see or hear me.

    If you or your student has questions about a certain assignment or time for something, you can message me in Class Dojo or send a message in Google Classroom. There is a video titled When I Need Help at the top on the Google Classroom explaining how to message in Google Classroom. Please use these ways to ask for help in place of students clicking in to to the classroom Google Meet when it is not their group time.


    If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach me by email at or the school phone number 609-631-4171.