Welcome to Mr. Kenworthy's 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Class!!!

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    Welcome to our classroom!! All subjects will be taught in small groups and are aligned with the student’s IEP Goals and Objectives. We will also focus on Life Skills such as how to have a conversation, kitchen safety, cooking, hygiene, how to communicate on the phone, send emails, wash and fold laundry, etc. We are looking forward to an awesome year!! I believe that learning is a journey, not a destination. Students should be given the appropriate tools to allow them to explore and discover the world around them. When this happens, true learning is achieved. 






    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be Respectful to Everyone!!!
    • Follow all directions
    • Be Prepared
    • Follow Rules and Procedures from the Student Handbook



    Please make sure you join our Google Classrooms! Here you will find important information pertaining to our class which will include special announcements, all assignments, and resources you will need to be successful this year. 


    Grading Scale:

    50% Summative Grades (Projects, End of Module tests, Notebook Checks)

    40% Formative Grades ( Quizzes, Student Presentations) 

    10% Individual Practice Grades ( independent work)


    If you have any questions, or concerns please email me at hkenworthy@htsdnj.org.  I will be happy to answer your questions and concerns.




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    Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view upcoming due dates for assessments, projects and homework.