Welcome Families,

      The assignments for the following weeks of remote learning can be found by clicking the link of your child's grade level. I know that your child is also responsible for classroom assignments. Please complete BSI assignments after their classroom assignments are completed. BSI assignments are to reinforce necessary foundational skills and to practice skills being taught in the classroom.

      Please return the completed packet and all worksheets printed out and completed to school in the provided book pouch when classes resume. Please return all books that were sent home.

      **Parents, please know that printed worksheets contain an answer key :)

      If you have any questions please contact me by school email 


      Your child is also able to access the following links to practice reading and math skills. 

      Learning Ally

      Your child has been given their username and password at school. Please contact me by email if you need help accessing Learning Ally.

      Attached is a file for more information on how to download the  Learning Ally app on your home devices.

      Learning Ally Parent Instructions


      Your child can practice math and reading games by grade level.


       Math Facts

      Your child can practice grade level appropriate math facts.


      Scholastic Magazine

      Your child can read interesting articles by grade level.