• Dear First Grade Families,



    Movement Breaks: Try either of these websites ---> GoNoodle or https://fluencyandfitness.com/

    Guidance: Go to ----> Miss Larkin's Website to access this month's lesson. You can choose when to complete it. 

    Music: To access music lessons click this link ---> Ms. Hill's Lessons

    Library: To access library lessons click this link ---> Mrs. McCarthy's Lessons

    Art: To access art lessons click this link ---> Ms. Shipe's Lessons

    Physical Education: To access gym lessons click this link ---> Mr. Marshall and Ms. Ciliento's Lessons

    In the event the school is mandated to be closed for a two week period, we have created a 10-day lesson plan you are to complete with your child.  In order for this time to be counted towards attendance and these days not having to be made up in June, you must complete the assignments. The teachers will be monitoring all online assigned work and progress.  This plan is a guide. You can complete as much work in a day that works for you. 

    On Friday 3/13/20 a Red Folder was sent home with your child included in it was a 10 day Remote Learning Plan, a clever badge, your child’s google login information (if your computer does not have a camera), your child’s Xtra math information, Scholastic News lessons, a spanish coloring page,  and journal writing paper.

     Your first grader is very familiar with their clever badge.  From there they will be able to access iReady, RazKids, Study Island, Xtra Math and other online tools to use during this two week period.  

     iReady:  once logged into Clever ALL of these lessons are aligned to your child’s needs as per their assessments in school.  They should complete numerous lessons a day.

     RazKids:  Your first grader will have access to listen to books appropriate to them and take the quizzes that align to the stories they read.    The class code is: lchirichella1. The PW is your child’s class number which they know. Contact me if they forget.

     Xtra Math:  Following the directions on the attached page to start the account  for your child.

     Study Island:  once logged into Clever ALL of these lessons will be available through the Study Island App at the bottom of the Clever page under Homeroom. Click the icon and all of the assignments will be on their dashboard.  

     You will see in the plans for Science/Social Studies there are Scholastic News lessons.  We have attached the hard copies, however if your child wants to access them digitally, follow these steps.  Go to: https://sn1.scholastic.com/  Select login in the upper right corner.  Select I am a student. Enter class code:  Chirichella1. Here they can see the magazine, complete sheets, watch videos and play games.

     You will also have free access to Brainpopjr. and Mystery Science to view any Science/Social Studies videos and complete online quizzes.

     If at all you need help, please send me an email at lchirichella@hamilton.k12.nj.us or a Dojo message.

    Mrs. Chirichella