About Us

  • Ms. Catherine Nolan
    HEP Supervisor
    phone: (609) 631 - 4181
    email: cnolan@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    Welcome to the Hamilton Educational Program!

    Students who attend the Hamilton Educational Program are important individuals and we are glad that we have the opportunity to provide them with an education. We are very concerned about their welfare and are willing to take whatever steps are necessary to make the Hamilton Educational Program a happy and productive place in which to progress. At times, students with emotional or learning difficulties are unable to succeed in a traditional environment. The Hamilton Educational Program provides these students with a structured alternative, yet appropriate educational setting.

    Students receive continual encouragement from a supportive staff that provides them with an educational program that integrates social and emotional development into the total school program. The program strives to engage students with relevant activities for developing career, vocational, and life skills. Students are involved in activities designed to improve self-esteem and self-discipline. In addition, students learn to develop positive relationships and to improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

    The information provided on this website is provided to assist you in having a successful experience at the Hamilton Educational Program.

    HEP Standards

    The staff at HEP are committed to the process of teaching our students the skills they need to be successful in school as well as in life. We encourage students to develop the self-control, thinking skills and motivation to accomplish the goals they wish to achieve. Through encouraging personal responsibility students are helped to overcome whatever behavioral and learning obstacles standing between them and success. The work of change belongs to the student. The role of the staff is to provide the learning environment where change can take place while holding students accountable for their behavior and the choices they make.

    The HEP community is composed of students and staff. Each classroom is like a small version of society where people work and learn within expected standards of behavior. Standards refer to the everday expectations people have for how they conduct themselves as well as how they wish to be treated. The staff at HEP believe that people learn best in a positive environment that values fairness and respect. When students conduct themselves according to agreed upon standards their self-esteem and motivation are enhanced. When they fall short they are encouraged to reflect on their performance and plan for improvement.

    The following are the standards of the HEP community:

    • Speak Respectfully
    • Control Myself
    • Follow Directions
    • Do My Work
    • Be Where I Belong
    • Accept Ownership of My Choices

    These standards are in effect in all areas of the school throughout the day.

    Point Level System 

    The educational goal of HEP is to develop independent, successful students. Students who are internally motivated are capable of making responsible decisions and more likely to achieve their goals. HEP does recognize, however, that students entering our program lack an internal orientation that allows for continuous learning.

    The point system is designed to promote positive behavior and track student progress over time. Students earn points for demonstrating  responsible behavior. Students are eligible for privileges based on points earned.

    The point system aslo provides objective evidence of progress over time. Students are encouraged to move from requiring external motivation to being socially responsible without the need for reward.

    When a student demonstrates consistency over time a plan to return to the home school is discussed with the student and parent/guardian. This is typically done gradually over time.

    Point System Procedures

    • Each student receives a point card at his/her first class period.
    • To receive privileges the student must carry the card to each class period.
    • The card is handed to the teacher/assistant at the beginning of each period.
    • The teacher reviews the card at the end of the period where points are collaboratively determined.
    • The student turns his/her point card in to the last instructor prior to leaving HEP.