Guidance General Information

  • Welcome  to the Guidance Department of Nottingham High School





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    Northstars and Northstar families,

    Welcome to the Guidance homepage!  To find your counselor, please go to who is my counselor? Here, you will find the counselor assignments by grade and last name. 

    Please note:  Nottingham will be closed beginning June 18 for construction!  If you need to reach your counselor or anyone at all in the guidance department, please send an email.  You can also leave a message; messages will be picked up throughout the day and phonecalls returned as soon as possible.   

    Empower Hour tutoris is over for the school year but will begin again in September!  Make sure to check out the Library page for information.   Empower hour is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that school is in session between 2:40-3:40. 

    The Hamilton Township Public Library system is also offering tutoring help through Brainfuse HelpNow.  All you need is the barcode number from your library card.  The offer tutoring in all subjects, and offer Spanish speaking support. To access HelpNow, go to Hamilton Library

    Northstar students, we know it's difficult handling the high number of emails you are recieving this school year.  To learn how to manage your school email, please go to this email organization video.  This video will walk you through steps to organize your inbox and cut down on unnecessary emails. 

    Below you will find contact information for all school counselors, including phone numbers, emails and virtual offices.  In the event of an emergency, please call the Guidance Office or the Main Office for immediate help.  Should you need help after school hours, please see the numbers listed below for emergencies.  As always, in the case of a life threatening emergency, please dial 911.  


    - The Nottingham Counseling Department 



    School Counselor information:


    Talk to a counselor - Have a question?  Talk to a counselor any school day, from 8-9 AM.  Please remember counselors will not have open hours from February 8 to February 12.  Counselors will be back at open hours on February 16.

    Please note - counselors will not be available during Winter Break.  Please see the list of emergency numbers below. 


    Ms. Ann Marie Schiavoni, Department Chairperson                                              
    ext. 3248                                                        

    Ms. Schiavoni's virtual office


    Ms. Gina Carter, Guidance Counselor
    ext. 3242 

    Ms. Carter's virtual office


    Ms. Ramona Chell, Guidance Counselor                                                                    
    ext. 3245                                                        

    Ms. Chell's virtual office


    Mrs. Carina Foushee, Guidance Counselor
    ext. 3240                                                        

    Mrs. Foushee's virtual office


    Mrs. Illiona Okereke, Guidance Counselor                                                                
    ext. 3244                                                        

    Mrs. Okereke's virtual office


    Mr. Jon Schwartz, Guidance Counselor                                                                    
    ext. 3247                                                        

    Mr. Schwartz's virtual office


    School Student Assistance Counselor

    Mrs. Jo Anne Parker

    ext. 3214


    Mrs. Parker's virtual office


    Additional important phone numbers:

    If you are in need of counseling and do not have a primary doctor, please call Mobile Reponse at 1-877-652-7624.


    If you need to report a case of child abuse, please call the Child Abuse Hotline at 1-877-652-2873.


    If this is an actual emergency, please call 911.