Ms. Donna Sarver

  • Mrs. Donna Sarver
    Guidance Counselor
    p: (609) 631 - 4149 ext 3603
    Counselor for 8th grade students

    My name is Mrs. Sarver.  I am the guidance counselor for students in 8th grade.  I am available to talk to the parents and students concerning any issues.  I am available for students with academic, social, and emotional issues.  If a student would like to talk to me they need to sign in at the B house office and I will call them down.  If a parent would like to talk to me, my phone number is 609-631-4149 ext. 3603. My email is

    If a parent would like to request a conference with the teachers, they are usually held Monday through Friday at 8:00 am.  Just call me and I will set up the conference.  Teachers are also accessible through e-mail, voice mail, and their websites.

    The Parent Portal is a great asset for parent to use to monitor your child's progress.  It gives you access to the current grades of your child at any time. If you need the password to register, call or email me.   Report cards are no longer sent out, you can see your child's grades on powerschool. If you have questions about the report card, you can call me. If you have questions regarding the grades, you can contact the teacher directly.  If you have questions regarding several subjects, you can call me to set up a conference.

    Students are expected to be responsible for writing down, completing, and handing in homework to their teachers.  In middle school, each student has an agenda book to write down homework or can check the teachers' websites to get the homework and assignments. 

    Parents, social media is a big part of many middle schoolers' lives.  Unfortunately, it also causes a lot of arguments among the students.  Please be aware of what your children are saying on social media sites and check their phones once in while to be sure they are not doing anything inappropriate. You would be surprised the issues that come up in school because of this technology.  Students tend to be meaner to each other in writing than in person.  If your child has social media accounts, it would be recommended that you are friends with them so you can see what they are posting.