All students are to be in the locker room on time.

    Grading for PE will be based on:

    Preparation- appropriate attire for Physical Education including sneakers

    Participation - actively involved in activity     

    Knowledge - an awareness of game and safety related topics and 

    Skill - demonstrating an understanding of the skills used in the game

    POOL- Junior will have a pool unit in November.  Only a doctor's note ( handed in prior to the unit starting) will excuse a student fromthis unit. 

              A written assignment will be given in lieu of going in the pool. 

    PE is a half year class so a loss of credit will be issued on the 10th absence.

    Students should frequently check the status of their powerschool account to monitor grades and attendance

    If a student has a question or concern at any time please see Mrs. Doherty immediately.



     **** Two (2) parent notes per marking period are allowed to excuse a student from class.  This does not apply to pool.