• Biology:

    Each assignment for the full TEN DAYS of learning is listed by DAY. The assignment founde in your google classroom can also be accessed by clicking here. This can be completed either online (typed) or hand written (printed) and is due on the day of our return to school or you can submit as you complete it. You can access your textbook ONLINE with Clever or use your textbook assigned to you at the beginning of the year.

    You can access the biology textbook through the link in Clever on the "Student Resources" page on the district homepage. You should be signed into google chrome in order to access the book.


    Human Physiology:

    The remote learning assignment is for you to read through chapter 18 on pages 491-504. You will complete all 25 of the “Check Your Recall” questions. You will also complete the 21 Chapter Assessment questions on page 505-506.