• Mixed Media is an upper level art course focusing on using multiple mediums to create art.

    Some of the projects will be:

    Huichol Yarn Painting

    Ceramic Portraits

    Bottlecap Project

    Stencil Project

    Magazine Mozaic

    and more!

    Mixed Media Supply List

    Required supplies:

    -11” x 14” heavyweight spiral-bound sketchbook 

    (100+ sheet - bigger is better)

    -clear mesh zip pouch 
for storage or similar bag

    (Dick Blick item #16974-2013 or similar)



    -paintbrushes (assorted)

    -paint palette with cover 

    -3 Fine Point black Sharpie markers

    -3 Ultra Fine Point  black Sharpie markers

    *Start collecting BOTTLE CAPS ->Bottle Cap Project


    Supplies for projects later in the year (buy later):

    -1 roll clear packing tape

    -1 roll of saran wrap or similar

    -rolls of colored duct tape

    -8” x 10” picture frame


    Optional (highly recommended, but not required) 

    -24 or 48 pack Prismacolor colored pencils

    -Assorted Colors Markers Multipack (Fine Sharpies, Bic or similar

    For painting: 

    -set of acrylic paints

    -set of palette knives (plastic)

    -Masterson’s Sta-Wet palette or similar

    Check Dollar Tree first.

    They have decent tools for $1.00 apiece!)

    -small glue gun & glue gun sticks

    -wood carving knife tool set 

    -x-acto knife with cover and extra blades

    -safety goggles / glasses

    -respirator filter dust mask (very important)

    For sculpture:

    -manual hand drill and drill bits

    -wood chisels

    -“c” clamp or portable vise grip for holding work piece

    Other supplies may be required later in the course.