• District Grading Policy


    Summative – 50% : Tests,  Projects, Research Papers

    Formative –   40% : Classwork, Notebooks, Quizzes

    Individual Practice – 10% : Class Participation, Homework, Class Experiences

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  • 8th Grade Health Units of Study



          Violence/Abuse :  Bullying, Abuse/Neglect, Human Trafficking, Gangs, Violence 


    Basic First Aid: safety, responding to emergencies, wounds/burns, CPR/AED


    Disease Prevention  - Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases

          * HIV/AIDS , Sexually Transmitted Infections

          * Cancer,  

          * Heart Disease  

          * Diabetes  


    Human Sexuality

          *Feelings and Behaviors

          * Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood

          * Contraceptives 


       Nutrition & Fitness: Body Image/Eating DIsorder, Obesity, Weight Management

       CampFire Program- provided by “Strive to Thrive” (NJ Non-Profit Program)

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  • 7th Grade Health Units of Study

    • Relationships:: Students will demonstrate knowledge of various types of relationships by identifying key terms and individuals who can have an impact on their lives. 
    • Legal/ Illegal Drug Unit - Students will demonstrate knowledge on the various types of legal and illegal drugs including alcohol, marijuana, opiates and more
    • Body Systems Unit: Students will demonstrate knowledge of various body systems (skeletal, muscle, digestive, endocrine, reproductive, etc.) Please use link below to use online study resource.(Chapter 17)
    • http://www.g-wlearning.com/health/3085/index.htm
    • Safety awareness/Fire: Safety rules and guides for bus, vehicle, school, neighborhood, home, and sports safety.
    • Promise for Tomorrow - Suicide prevention/awareness, Jason Foundation Video/ Role playing and character questions/solutions, writing a Plan of Action
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