• Dear Pre-K Families,

    In the event that we need to close school, your child will bring home an envelope with various activities that they should work on during our remote instruction period.

    All of the activities included in the packet are a review of everything that we have been working on all school year long. I have also enclosed the following documents to 

    guide you with helping your child during this time:


    • Fundations Routine: Your child is VERY familiar with this routine as we do it each day during our circle time.
    • Book Talk: This may be helpful with questions you might ask your child in relation to the books you are reading together.
    • Week # 1 and #2: This document will guide you in what is expected that your child work on each week. The document is broken down by day, and lists what activities should be completed.


    There are various educational websites that your child can visit to practice their alphabet and number skills. They love working on these during center time when we are at school. 

    The following apps/websites are a fun way for the children to learn:

    • Abcya.com 
    • Starfall.com

    Please make sure that you return completed packets when school resumes. 



    Ms. Sheehan