Classroom News

  •                                                                 Welcome to our Classroom News page!

                Below you will find information about what we will be learning this month.  


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    Reading:  During the month of September even though we will be remote we will still have a Read Alout time and then some small group reading times.   During our Read Aloud time students will participate in my story by answering questions about character and setting of the story.   During Small group time students will work at their reading level.  We will do small group work to practice decoding skills and fluency.  


    Writing:   Most of September will be a review of how to write our letters.  Then we will move into writing short sentences.  Our focus then will be starting a sentence with an upper case letter, space between words and then ending the sentence with puncuation.  


    Math:  Unit 1 will start right away in September.  This unit focuses on number partners.  It is basically a review of  Kindergarten concepts.  We will also take a beginning the of year math assessement to see what skills we already know.  


    Science/Social Studies:  September will begin with a Social Studies Unit about school and community.  We will then start a Science unit on the Sun, Moon & Stars.  


    Character Education:  September does not have a specific Core Value focus so we will focus on being kind and caring students.