Scheduling Information

  • The scheduling process at Steinert High School begins with the students. Students meet with their respective counselors and select courses for the next school year.  From those requests, the vice principal in charge of scheduling, creates a master schedule based on the needs of the students and the facility limits.  NO student has an advantage over another or is at a disadvantage because he or she is scheduled “first” or “last.”  Please check the Program of Studies for prerequisites or course requirements.

    All Steinert juniors will be scheduled individually with their assigned counselors beginning in January of 2021. Parents are welcome to call the Guidance Office for information on the scheduling process, and appointments are welcomed (upon request). 


    • Hamilton Township Public School students will be scheduled by their middle school counselors with input from teachers, parents, students, and child study team.  Schedule requests will be forwarded to Steinert High School.  Parents with questions should call the Steinert Guidance Office.

    • Parents of Parochial/Private Schools’ students should call the Steinert Guidance Office during the month of January to make an appointment for scheduling.  Enrollment packets will be mailed out once an appointment is made.  Appointments will be made for the month of February, usually at 1:00pm in the afternoon.