• Students should be aware that there is a statewide and district requirement that in order for a student "to be eligibile for athletic competition during the first semester (September 1 to January 31) of the 10th grade or higher, a pupil must have passed 25% of the credits required by the State of NJ for graduation (27.5 academic credits) during the immediate preceding academic year." 

    In order for a student "to be eligible for athletic competition when begins during the second semester (February 1 to June 30) during the 9th grade or higher, a puil must have passed the equivalent of 12.5 % of the credits (or 13 3/4 academic credits) required by the State of NJ for graduation (i.e. the student must have passing grades in at least 5.5 courses) at the close of the preceding semester (January 31)."

    A student turnig age 19 prior to September 1 of any year is ineligible for athletic competition from September 1 of that year until he/she graduates (NJSIAA regulation).