Guidance Philosophy

  • The philosophy of guidance and counseling in the Hamilton Township School District focuses on the individual student. All students are accepted as unique individuals of worth, having personal, social and education needs.

    The emphasis of the guidance and counseling program is to maximize the potential of all students through a comprehensive developmental approach. The counselor works with all students within the educational framework of the district.

    Through individual, small and large group guidance and counseling settings, coordination and consultation with the family, school and community resources, the counselor works to assist the students in becoming healthy and effective human beings.    

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    The Win - Win Guidelines

    - Cool off
    - Talk it over using "I" messages.
    - Listen while the other person speaks and say back what you heard.
    - Take responsibility for your part in the conflict.
    - Brainstorm solutions and choose one that is fair to both of you.
    - Affirm, forgive, thank, or apologize to each other.

    Following these rules make the Win -W in Guidelines work best :

    Rules for Win - Win

    ~ Tell the truth
    ~ Be respectful
    ~ Attack the problem, not the person
    ~ No blaming, name-calling, negative faces, or negative body language
    ~ Work together toward a fair solution

    Seven Habits of Highly Responsible Students

    Responsible students grow up to be responsible adults. There is no secret to their success… but they do practice some habits that can help.

    1. They set goals - Goals help students focus on what is important and what is not.
    2. They plan their time. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
    3. They study every day. Even when there is no homework, responsible students “assign themselves” – they review.
    4. They take notes in class.
    5. They have the tools they need.
    6. They keep their commitments.
    7. They do their assignments well and on time, do their share of group projects, go to soccer practice (even when it is cold)
    8. They get ready ahead of time. Being late is a choice – it isn’t something that simply happens. Take 5 or 10 minutes before bedtime to prepare for the next day.


    Experts say if we repeat an action every day for 21 days, it is likely to become automatic.  So, for the next 21 days, encourage your children to act on the habits of responsible students. (The PARENT Institute)