• Supplemental Nutrition Application ProgramDo you need help paying for groceries? NJ SNAP is New Jersey’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  
    DO YOU QUALIFY FOR SNAP?                 
    Are you a Hamilton Township resident?
    Have you lost your job or unemployment benefits?
    Do you have a part-time job and are struggling to put food on the table?
    Are you a senior citizen taking care of your grandchildren?
    HTSD is here to help!
    Apply in 5 easy steps!
    1. Apply online at NJHelps website..
    2. Answer all questions with an asterisk (*) and once complete, click submit.
    3. Receive an appointment letter for your face-to-face or phone interview.
    4. In 30 days, receive NJ SNAP “Families First” electronic benefit card.
    5. Begin buying groceries!
    Funded by the NJ Dept. of Agriculture SNAP Gap grant program.
    HTSD Info Sessions for SNAP

    Tue., May 10th - Klockner E.S. (4-6pm)
    Wed., May 18th - Kisthardt E.S. (4-6pm)
    Tue., May 24th - Wilson E.S. (4-6pm)
    Thu., May 26th - Lalor E.S. (4-6pm)
    Thu., June 2nd - Kuser E.S. (3-5 pm) Cancelled  rescheduled for June 8th, 3 - 5PM
    Friday, June 10th - Greenwood E.S. (3:00- 5:00pm)