• check   4th MP GRADING: My grading policy will remain the same.

    • As has been the case all year, assignments are due BEFORE the start of class the following day.


    • Assignments turned in on the due date but after the beginning of class will receive 85% credit.


    • Assignments turned in one day to one week late will receive 75% credit.


    • Assignments turned in more than one week late will receive 50% credit.


    • Quizzes and tests will lose 5 points for each day they are late.


    check   On 2/2, many students began using the Kami extension on a regular basis for completing assignments and assessments. (Students MAY continue to work on paper, if they prefer.)

    • For the rest of the year, students MUST submit their own work. If they do not have their own camera (or a scanner), then they must use Kami.


    • At this point in the year, all students should be submitting work in Google Classroom, not by email.


    • Students are NOT required to purchase a stylus. However, having one will make their lives easier! (They are available, reasonably priced, on Amazon.)


    • Students are NOT permitted to TYPE their math. (WORDS/EXPLANATIONS may be typed, but MATH WORK may not!)


    check   REMEMBER: Students are NOT required to print out worksheets, notes, etc. I encourage them to do so because this will make their lives a little easier. However, it is your decision (as it would require A LOT of ink and paper). 

    • If students do not print out the work, they are welcome to complete it on a separate sheet of paper or using Kami.


    • Students who are in school will receive a copy of all notes and assignments.