Concussion Management / Impact Testing

  • Athletic Trainer:  Chris McLaughlin   Chris McLaughlin

    Concussion Management:

    Baseline impact testing will be done every two years for all athletes. See your coach for scheduled dates.

    All concussions should be reported to the Athletic Trainer, Chris McLaughlin.

    "Return to Play" protocols will be managed by the Athletic Trainer in conjunction with the student's physician.

    Role of the Athletic Trainer: 

    Athletic trainers, also known as ATs, specialize in the management, prevention, and recovery of injured athletes. Many times, athletic trainers are the first medical professionals on the scene after an injury. Athletic trainers collaborate with doctors to provide emergency and follow-up care and develop injury prevention and treatment programs for injured athletes.

    Athletic trainers also provide a vital communication link between the injured athlete, the physician, the coach, and the athlete's parents/guardians to determine when it's right to return to practice and competition.

    On a typical day, the roles and responsibilities of an athletic trainer include:

    • Providing athletic training services
    • Applying tape, bandages, and braces to protect or prevent injuries
    • Evaluating injuries and providing first aid
    • Implementing rehabilitation programs for injured athletes and developing injury prevention programs
    • Performing administrative tasks, such as writing reports and instructions
    • Maanging the progress of concussion recovery and Return to Play protocols