• PEACE WEEK 2020!


    October 19th-23rd

    Mindful Monday: Do the activity on the Mindful McGalliard Student Activity of the week slideshow.

    Tuesday: Take Time Out for Peace - Take at least a 5 minute break to sit and relax for a peaceful moment - remember to focus on your breathing

    Wednesday: Win / Win Wednesday - Practice the 6 steps to the Win/Win Conflict Resolution - learn to resolve conflicts peacefully.

    Thursday: Think, Feel, and Be Thankful Thursday - Talk about your thoughts and feelings of peace and gratitude - take a moment to think about who and what you are thankful for and why. Did you know that thoughts and feelings of gratitude can help one find inner peace?

    Friday: Peace Wear!Wear your favorite peace symbol clothes and accessories! Don’t have peace wear? Just wear white for peace!  Remote and Hybrid students can all participate!

    Other activities happening this week:

    Clouds of Mindfulness!Students draw a picture or write a sentence about being mindful. The clouds will be put up on the Mindful McGalliard bulletin board.

    Peace Pledge-We will say it each day during Morning Announcements.      

    Chalk 4 PEACE- During recess encourage students to draw peace signs or write peace messages on the black top only!!

    Rainbows for Peace-  Draw rainbows as a sign of togetherness and post them on classroom windows facing the outside - “ a sign of peace after a storm”