• DCR is a working group of HTSD educators, parents and community stakeholders. DCR consists of the following sub-committes:

     Curriculm Sub-Committee 

     Sub-Committee Lead- Ms. Dottie DePalma 

    To consider and develop ideas of how to enhance existing curricular offerings to include a broad cross section of races, ethnicities, disabilities and genders to reflect the world of the 21st century learner and their families.

    Restorative Practice Sub-Committee 

    Sub-Committee Lead- Ms. Melissa Persichetti 

    To examine existing data to assist with removing bias and inequities that may exist in the assignment of disproportionately punitive action for students based on gender, ethnicity, disability, and race. Through thoughtful examination of data purpose alternative measures to address student behavior with the intention creating inclusive school cultures.

    Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee

    Sub-Committee Lead- Mr. Anthony Debonis 

    To examine existing data to identify root causes that may impact the recruitment and retention of a diverse staff in Hamilton Township Schools.  The committee through examination of data and review of best practices of other educational institutions, research and non-educational organizations will provide several options that may aid in the increasing of recruitment and retention of diverse staff members.

    Action Sub-Committee

    Sub-Committee Lead- Ms. Ashley LaRose 

    Committee provides resources and support to HTSD staff, parents and community stakeholders. Support is designed to respond to actual or perceived issues in the larger society that may impact the learning environment.

    To see the goals and the status of each committee please click the link below:

    DCR Goals and Goal Status