• Typing Shortcuts

    to copy something- highlight then ctrl c

    to paste- highlight then ctrl v

    to delete- highlight then ctrl x

    split screen on chromebook- alt {  }

    to add a picture- at top move curser over icon - square with mountain



      Vowel Sound Notes


    Short a- ă               Long a- ā

    Apple                                      ate


    Short e- ĕ           Long e- ē   

    Mess                                  easy


    Short i  ĭ                                 Long i  ī

    Igloo                                             eyelid 

    Short O- ŏ                                    Long o-

    Octopus                                       slow


    Clock                                            Halloween

    Short u- ŭ                               Long u- ū

    Punch in stomach

    Punch                                            you




    Types of Syllables-(chunks, beats)




    1.     vc  - v short     


    1.     vce- v long    


    1.     vcle- v long     


    1.   cv or v- v long    


    1.   Vv- vowel team - 1st v long

    y= vowel in word. Long e, i, a

    y=consonant if  1st   



    •  R combo- vr


    ir, er, ur




    Syllabication Dividing Rules

    1. Underline all vowels and vowel teams

    Y=vowel          vce= e silent, doesn’t count           E last letter, BEWARE!!!!

    Ex. collect           

    Ex. repea

    Ex. drive 

    Ex. plenty

    Ex. cyclone

    1. Frame the consonants between them, look to see how many consonants are there

    Ex. collect

    Ex. typing

    1. Divide the word

    1 consonant- mostly to front, then try to back (Try both ways)

    Ex.  visit          vis  it        or     vi   sit


    2 consonants- separate evenly

    Ex. pennant pen nant


    3 consonants- one to front, two to back (look for blend)

    Ex. pilgrim pil grim      pilg rim

    Ex. extreme ext  reme ex  treme


    4 consonants- divide evenly unless there is a blend. 

    Ex. naphtha naph  tha

    Ex. seamstress seam  stress

    1. Pronounce each part using syllabication rules