•  Classroom Objectives for 6th Grade ELA LLD

            1. We will become better readers.

                 *decode words- syllabication

                 *understanding what reading passages mean- repeat details, make predictions and make inferences. 

                 *vocabulary-define words through own knowledge and in reading passages.

            2. We will become better writers.

                 *sentences, paragraphs, stories, and essays

                 *punctuation- end punctuation, comma usage, dialogue writing.

           3. We will become better speakers.

                 *informal and formal settings- have correct volume, speaking clearly, and on topic

    Our room is a SAFE SPACE:

    My one rule: Always be respectful and understanding


    *Homework is due the next school day


    Please let me know if you need more time on an assignment due to personal reasons. Don't ever hesitate to reach out!


    10 points will be deducted from the final grade for each day the assignment is late.

    Note: In the grade book, an assignment will be given a grade of 0 and marked missing until the work is turned in at which point the grade will be adjusted.

     District Grading Policy:

    A+ 97-100    A 94-96     A- 90-93

    B+ 87-89      B 84-86     B- 80-83

    C+ 77-79      C 74-76     C- 70-73

    D+ 67-69      D 64-66     D- 63-60

    F 0-59

    Assignments and assessments will have the following percentages given to them:

    Summative: 50% [lmultistep projects, unit tests, essays, stories]

    Formative: 40% [quizzes, writing assignments, journals]

    Independent Practice: 10% [participation, homework]

    Virtual Expectations - Class Meeting Norms

    Be friendly!
    Be on time! Bathroom and snacks before class!
    Mute when teacher instructing!
    Show your face if you are comfortable!
    No other devices!
    Have your supplies ready. Create a workspace!
    Be on task!

    Materials/Supply List:

    • A notebook

    • Binder (1 inch works best; the sturdier, the better.) Do not use for other classes!

    • Loose leaf lined paper with holes, about 20 sheets in your binder to start.

    • One folder: One with three holes to be kept in binder—label left side pocket “HOMEWORK” and right side pocket “GRADED WORK”

    • Pencils (with quality erasers!), red pens, and blue or black pens

    • Highlighters

    • Gmail Account to use google docs

    • Computer with Internet Access

    • Headphones [optional but helpful for Live sessions]