• Many parents have been curious about how to set up an ideal work space for their child during remote learning. 

    Here are some suggestions that I have for you...

    1. Find a space that functions like a desk.  Consider using a table, tv tray tables (I recommend 2 for this), an actual desk, etc.  

    Your child will need space for a school laptop (find a space near an outlet so their device can stay plugged in), and a spot where they can write in notebooks next to it. 

    2. Keep their materials all in one spot (at the "desk").  Look at the supplies list for 3rd grade and once you have those materials (and the books that will be given to you at the Beep & Greet), find a way to organize those items.  You want your child's workspace to have everything they need "at their fingertips". 

    3. The following places are not a good place to set up your child's work area...  in the TV room where someone will turn the TV on, in a room where many people will be gathering, in their bed or someone else bed, laying on a couch, or laying on the floor.   If your child is working in a place that resembles these high-distraction areas, I will most likely make a friendly phone call home to try and work with your family on setting up a better space.   It's important that your child has a place where they can be successful. 

    4. I recommend that families with multiple school-aged children do NOT put siblings near each other.  Find a way to keep them in separate areas for their own focus. 

    5. Each morning, make sure your child has a water bottle near their work station.  This will reduce the number of times they get up to get a drink during learning. 

    Linked below are some pictures of remote learning areas that would be a great space.