• *Our time together is going to be fun and exciting! Math is a subject full of logic and reasoning. I welcome any and all of your questions! Don’t ever be afraid to ask me for help. I look forward to a great year!*

    Always bring the following materials with you:

    ✓pencil               ✓notebook/binder            ✓ student handbook                 

    ✓folder               ✓earbuds                        



    Students will have many opportunities to earn raffle tickets. On the last day of every other month, there will be a raffle where students can win prizes using their tickets. Tickets are not replaceable if lost.


    Chromebooks are used in class daily. Inappropriate use will not be tolerated and consequences are as follows: 1st offense - verbal warning, 2nd offense - taken away for remainder of class and phone call home, 3rd warning - taken away until further notice. 


    Homework will always be posted on the board as well as my class website. Students will write down homework each day, and it will be stamped for verification. All students start with a 100 at the beginning of each marking period. Each time a homework assignment is missed, the 100 is reduced by 5 points. Homework cannot be made up (unless absent) because we go over it in class. Some credit may be given for partially completed homework. No credit will be given on homework that does not show work. 


    Any absence from class is allowed the number of days absent to make up work. However, if more time is needed, it will not be an issue. Keep in mind that all missed work must be completed before the end of the marking period. Any work missed can be found in the absent folders. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up missed work, ask for help, or come for extra help at another time. I will try to help students catch up during class time if possible.


    A percent and point system will be used to determine grades. This system is set forth by the district. Summative assessments (tests, projects) are worth 50%, formative assessments (quizzes, activities) are worth 40%, and individual practices (homework, quick checks, notebook checks) are worth 10%. Every assignment in each category will be worth a designated number of points and those points will vary depending on the assignment. Students may turn in late work for partial credit. Extra credit will not be offered.