• Coping Skills

    Coping Skills for Kids  

    Coping skills refer to the way that we handle strong emotions. Whether it's anger, sadness, happiness, excitement, nervousness, fear, or any other feeling, we can always control over how we handle what we're feeling. If we handle feelings in healthy ways, we're more likely to meet our goals, feel good, and make others feel good. 


    When do you need a coping skill?

    If a feeling is very strong and you're not sure what to do... or if it's hard to pick a safe/healthy way to react to something, a coping skill could help! 


    See this article for everything you need to know in order to help your children become coping skills all-stars:

    All About Coping Skills for Kids


    Parents, ask your Kisthardt students what their favorite coping skills are.

    Also see the Mindfulness page for more coping skills information!


    See this short video for an easy grounding exercise that uses the 5 senses as a coping skill:


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